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ZPD Hashtagger Resurfaces!

Last week, after a long hiatus except the occasional #tippingisntsnitching tag, the Zachary Police Department’s mysterious hashtagger made a surprise appearance on the department’s Facebook page. Back in 2019, the keyboard crusader captured the hearts of hundreds of Facebook fans with their devil-may-care postscripts accompanying photos of petty criminals in action across town, and the occasional meme.

A couple of years ago, big-screen TV thief was tagged #orangeisthenewpink #fivefingerdiscount and more, along with a grainy security camera photo. A Tucker’s Seafood bandit who ditched the evidence in a nearby dumpster was delightfully labeled #dumpsterdining #feloniousfish and #lieutenantdan. And the driver of a stolen vehicle, captured after just nine minutes, was tagged #gottabequickerthanthat #hotcar #ridingdirty #threehotsandacot and #maybeifIusemyblinkersandgothespeedlimittheywontknowthatIstolethiscar9minutesago

Sadly, however, the wild and whimsical hashtagging petered out when cries of protest erupted regarding presumption of innocence, i.e. innocent until proven guilty, no matter what the security footage may show!

Seemingly unleashing months of pent-up demand, the tagger #blessed us with a lighthearted criminal activity post and four exciting hashtags last week (see screenshot below), toeing the line between being vague enough to delight audiences with a pop culture reference, but reprimanding enough to know they mean business. The post received 800 likes, 78 comments and almost 200 reshares!

ZPD hashtagger, if you’re listening, you’re just the gift this town needs for Christmas. Please keep it up.

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