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ZHS Bronco Football Hosts Inaugural “Ladies at the Corral” Event

On Friday evening, August 11, the ZHS Bronco Football Program welcomed the “Ladies at the Corral” to experience what a Friday night in the Bronco Corral is like for the players.  ZHS Football Head Coach David Brewerton began with an introduction of the coaches and an explanation of the timeline of a Friday game day.  Just as the team does before a game, the ladies were treated to a pregame meal and watched a hype video.


The ladies broke into smaller groups with coaches to learn specifics about the functions and responsibilities of certain player positions. They were also taken into the state-of-the-art weight room for an overview of the player workouts.  After touring the weight room, they were taken to the locker room and given jerseys to wear preparing them for Coach Brew’s “nine minutes before game time” speech. By this time, the ladies felt like they were prepped and about to play a game!

ZHS Assistant Principal Erica Henry and Shiloh Reed
ZHS Principal Lindsey Spence

Natasha Walker and Tiffany Heck


A highlight of the night was having the chance to run out of the giant Bronco tunnel through the “smoke” while the stadium lights were flashing just as the players do.

Christie Burns, Elena Sanchez, and Jodi Conachen
Natasha Walker and Tiffany Heck
Ericka Buller











After the excitement of running onto the field, the ladies walked through a few plays and then met in a huddle with Coach Brewerton. The Ladies at the Corral ended the night with their hands lifted and shouting Zachary!

Stay tuned for our “Pigskin Preview” podcast and hear what Coach Brew has to say about this football season and his take on Ladies at the Corral!

Ending Huddle with Coach



“90 women showed up and it was incredible. It was a tremendous night for our program. It was our first annual and will definitely come back year after year.”

-Coach David Brewerton



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