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ZHS Athletics Rally organized by Coach Brew Unites Athletes and their Parents

by Mike Gennaro, Publisher

On the eve before the first day of school, parents and students were invited to a special meeting Coach David Brewerton, ZHS Athletic Director and Head Football Coach, called to unify all athletes who represent the Z and their parents. 

The tone of the meeting was unity amongst all athletes, parents and stakeholders. Brew hinted at silos amongst the different sports and reminded those present of the many accomplishments that all Zachary athletes were achieving.  “Sometimes, we are losing sight of that,” he reminded.

Coach Brew recapped a new process for signing days that occur in December and May, grouping all sports together at signing to “celebrate the excellence that is taking place.”

Alex Milazzo, LSU Catcher and 2019 Zachary High Alum, encouraged student athletes in a keynote speech. “Each one of you has the chance to be the hometown hero. This school expects excellence and expects to win. It’s up to you athletes to uphold that standard of excellence,” he reminded.

Coach Brew’s address stirred the crowd to applause on several occasions, and some quotables with summaries are recapped in bullet points below:

  • “I understand that there are some sports that garner more media attention.” The context of this statement was that each athlete holds equal weight and respect in the program. Excellence is required of all that represent the Z.
  • “When you decide to watch another team compete, first of all you’re there to support them, but you’re there to represent your sport. —Respect.” Coach urged athletes to attend and support each other’s endeavors.
  • “People talk about you. They are watching what you are doing.” Coach recounted how proud he was to see Alex Milazzo, Sean Burrell and many others represent the Z on the national stage. He also spoke about the responsibility of garnering such attention.
  • “Every single day, you are on an interview. And guess what, your body language and the way you carry yourself is an advertising billboard.” Coach explained that with the success of the athletic program comes the responsibility for student athletes to be standard bearers. 
  • “It’s just different.” Coach recounted how he’s approached by graduates that have gone on to play in college, and they tell him that their experience at Zachary was above and beyond anything else they’ve experienced. The Zachary difference is our brand. 
  • “Everyone is hand picked.” Coach elaborated on the hand selected quality of the coaches on staff and had them stand in recognition.
  • “If you are a player that desires to be a multi-sport athlete—please realize your dreams.” In today’s specialist sports culture, many kids don’t get the opportunity to cross train and experience other sports. Coach drew upon personal experience in wrestling to explain how overcoming challenges in sports creates strength later on in life. 

“Carry yourselves the right way. Have great pride in who you are and what you represent each time you put the Z on your chest.” -Coach David Brewerton

We are excited to have Coach Brew return to the Podcast booth on August 21st! Stay tuned.

In the meantime, last year’s podcast featuring Coach Brew and Eli Holstein is worth a listen!


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