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ZELC Opens Time Capsule Buried in 2011

It was a beautiful day to celebrate our students and their growth by opening the Zachary Early Learning Center Time Capsule. The time capsule was sealed and buried in May of 2011 by the first students to attend ZELC. It was to be opened in May of 2021, however, because of COVID-19, a gathering couldn’t take place. The current sophomores at Zachary High School are those students who first attended ZELC. Many of them were on hand to see the contents of the capsule that they had placed inside it as Pre-K students. Former administrators, teachers, and the former superintendent were there to celebrate as well.

Their photos, writing, and cutouts of their small hands were in perfect condition. The current Pre-K students sang a special song, “The World is a Rainbow,” for all the attendants and blew tons of bubbles as the guests entered ZELC to view the contents of the time capsule.

ZELC Assistant Principal Laurie Condon described the event well, “we all got a little nostalgic and teary when our current ZELC Ponies and our 2010-2011 ZELC Ponies sang our school song written by Ms. Lola Hill (who was in the audience). We smiled and giggled as our 2010-2011 Ponies observed how small their hands once were and that their names that they had written looked more like the number two written lots of times across a page than actual letters. Our hearts warmed when our 2010-2011 ZELC students hugged and visited with their precious teachers, many of whom still impact the learning of our students today. It all went way over our little ones’ heads, but this event was surely not lost on our ZHS students or the adults that were present. What an extraordinary way to celebrate the past, enjoy the present, and anticipate the future of our incredible community.”

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