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ZELC Hosts Busy Week

Mason Hill and Elton Hamilton
Mason Hill and Elton Hamilton

The week of March 28th was quite a busy week at ZELC. Tricycle Trail Riding, Book Fair, and Family Fun Night might go down in the history books as the most fun week ever had.

ZELC’s Assistant Principal Mrs. Condon said, “It’s so easy to see the joy on these beautiful kids’ faces and we are so grateful for that. But our hearts aren’t just grateful that our ponies had fun. We are also so grateful that we can finally let our parents on our campus after two years. And boy did they show up! We are grateful for the incredible teachers who spent hours and hours planning and creating and making this happen (especially Ms. Smith, Ms. Unglesby, Ms. Felder, Ms. Broussard, Ms. Woodard, and Ms. Lindsay).

“We are grateful to our librarian, Ms. Newman, who not only put on a Book Fair at ZELC last week but is putting on another Book Fair at NES this week. We are grateful for the constant entertainment and encouragement from Ms. Granville, our MC. We are so grateful for our custodians, Ms. Roz, Mr. Cooper, and Ms. Jericka, who helped put out and take down the decorations every single day and made sure that our ponies still had clean classrooms to return to. We are so grateful for our secretary, Ms. Delena, who collected all of the incredible donations YOU provided us and counted all the laps that each of our ponies tallied. And of course, to, Ms. Yolanda who smiled and answered all your questions at the front desk! This community of ours is full of giving, loving, passionate people and this week was such a testament to the generosity of THIS place. ZELC is so grateful to be a part of Zachary! Thank you all for the magic you brought to these little ones this week!”

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