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Zachary local’s new startup worth a shot

What’s your favorite Bourbon? Pappy? Blanton’s? Woodford Reserve? What about your favorite Tequila? Is it whatever they put in their Hibiscus Margaritas at Agave Blue? That’s OK. We don’t tend to think of Tequila as a sipping liquor. (Unless those 2 a.m. shots in college counted as “sipping.”)

Zachary resident Daniel Vasquez is on a mission to change that. Together with his three friends Adrian, Albert, and Jorge, he started Tequila de la Gente, which translates to Tequila for the People. But that’s not just a name. They worked with a top distillery and expert tasters to narrow down dozens of options into a Final Four: the best of the best Anejo (the most aged!) Tequilas. Now? It’s up to the people.

At a recent tasting event hosted by Any Length Salon, I experienced this taste test first-hand. Daniel’s instructions made things easy. We were walked through the tasting process and given access to a digital voting sheet to record our thoughts and feelings about each option. At the end, the form guided us to our top choice. I won’t tell you my top pick because I don’t want to sway the results, but I will tell you that it was the best tasting Tequila I’ve ever tried. I’m tempted to buy a tasting kit just to get access to that one bottle!

Luckily for me, and you, those tasting kits are available for purchase at https://www.tequiladelagente.com/#TastingPack  Here you’ll find everything you need to host a tasting party of your own. Each kit gives you 8 tasting servings and is accompanied with full video instructions so you can feel positive that you’re doing everything correctly. It also includes a curated playlist to set the perfect tasting mood. These kits will be available until September when the votes will be tallied and the first official Tequila de la Gente offering will be released. 

If you’re looking for a taste of democracy in action, this is the perfect opportunity. At the end of the night, you might just find you actually have a favorite Tequila. For my sake though, please choose wisely!


The founders working on perfecting the tequila tasting experience

The founders walking through agave fields

Premium tequila tasting kit for 8, available for purchase on tequiladelagente.com

Presentation at last Friday’s tequila tasting

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