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Zachary High School Homecoming Recap

By Isaiah McGhee, Zachary High School | Digital Content Producer

Zachary High School celebrated Homecoming Week September 12 – 16, with the Homecoming game against St. Augustine Friday night followed by the Homecoming dance on Saturday, September 17.

During Homecoming Week, Broncos showed their school spirit with theme days/

Monday- Decades Day

Students dressed up in decades, from the 50s to the 90s.  The 70s were the Freshmen, the 50s were sophomores, the Juniors were the 80s, and the Seniors were the 90s. Students got their dress-up ideas from either the internet or from digging into their parent’s closets.

Tuesday – Pajama Day

Students were allowed to dress up in something a little more comfortable for the school day. Some woke up, put their backpacks on, and went straight to school.

Wednesday – Salad dressing day

Students dressed up in either Italian (French), Hawaiian, or Ranch(Cowboy), and only if you’re a senior could you sport the Caesar dressing attire, a Toga.

Thursday – Clown day

Lions, tigers, bears and Broncos! Oh my! Students dressed up as lion tamers, clowns, and many other animals.

Friday – Spirit Day | Zachary High Homecoming Parade | Homecoming game vs. St. Augustine

Students showed their spirit on Friday! During Spirit day, ZHS hosted a pep rally with many students, faculty, and staff hype the teams up for their upcoming games and prepare for the parade, football game and Homecoming dance. Following the pep rally, Broncos took to the streets for a parade featuring floats from ZCSD schools that the students worked very hard on. During the football game between Zachary and St Augustine, Zachary lost with a close score of 20 to 24.

Saturday Homecoming dance

Students capped off the week by getting hype dancing to rap, hip-hop and classic songs. Everyone had a blast, and the Homecoming dance is sure to be remembered as a fun day for all.

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