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Zachary Citizen’s Beautification Award Committee Announces Business Award Recipients

The Zachary Citizen’s Beautification Committee awards businesses whose contributions beautify and improve the City of Zachary. Categories include landscaping and architecture.

The committee is pleased to announce the 2023 Beautification Landscaping Award Winner is South Plains Restaurant, located at 1605 Mt. Pleasant Road, right across from Zachary Youth Park. According to the committee, South Plains Restaurant landscaping offers a variety of eye-catching blooming plants and lush greenery, with attractive front and back entrances that include antique sugar kettles with water features. The inviting, manicured grounds with sprawling live oaks offer vibrant colors surrounding the entire restaurant. Congratulations, Joel and Lisa Frosch, Greg Martinez, and Brandon Brown, the partners responsible for developing this beautiful restaurant.



South Plains Food Company, the winner of the 2023 Beautification Landscaping Award 




The committee also awards a business that made substantial improvements to the exterior of their building and whose business visually enhances the surrounding neighborhood. The 2023 Architectural Award Winner is The Boot CrossFit, located at 4625 Main Street. The overall building renovations of this historic building began in December 2018, with a new façade and interior and exterior rehabilitations completed in March 2019. The military introduced the original Quon-set hut design building during WW11 for soldiers. This building was originally home to a movie theater, The Trio Theater, which opened on May 18, 1948. The Trio closed in 1966, and the McKowen Family later opened it as a landscaping nursery. The building sat for many years unoccupied. Today, this unique converted Quon-set building contributes to the rich tapestry of Zachary’s downtown historic district. Saving and restoring landmark buildings connects us to the past. The Boot CrossFit Founders, Jodie, and Don Haney have done a fantastic job preserving our history and enhancing our downtown area.


The Boot CrossFit, originally home to the Trio Theater, is the 2023 Architectural Award Winner. 





The committee also recognizes the Landscaping Award; Honorable Mention recipient Chiro Practical, 5626 Main Street, and the Architectural Honorable Mention recipient, The Steele Magnolia Menagerie, 4480 Main Street.




Zachary Citizen’s Beautification Committee members include: Ashleigh McHugh, Mary Landry, Brandie Triche, Lizzie Benzer, Nita Edwards, Lauren Baudouin, Sharon Phillips, Myeshia Beard, Courtney Yoes, Jennifer Bozeman, and Jen Gennaro.

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