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Travel Thursday: Exploring Ireland’s Dingle Peninsula on Foot

Destination: Dingle Peninsula, Ireland 
Dates: June 3-7, 2023
Travelers: Julie & Linn Fink 
Choosing the Destination

Julie and Linn Fink, seasoned travelers and avid adventurers, have always sought unique ways to embrace the beauty of the world. As their children grew and embarked on their own summer plans, Julie and Linn transitioned from traditional family vacations to a more active and immersive travel style. Their latest journey took them to the captivating landscapes of Ireland’s Dingle Peninsula, a destination they meticulously planned with OrbisWays, a premier walking and hiking travel company.

“Our love for walking and hiking has taken us across the globe, from Peru to Spain,” Julie explains. “We were looking for a hike in Europe when we stumbled upon the idea of hiking Ireland’s Dingle Peninsula along the Atlantic coastline. We immediately knew we had found our next adventure.”

OrbisWays facilitated the entire experience by arranging comfortable accommodations, managing daily luggage transfers between bed and breakfasts, and providing a detailed walking itinerary that not only guided them along the hiking paths but also highlighted the historical and archaeological wonders scattered along the route.

Exceeding Expectations

As they set out on their journey, Julie and Linn discovered that the Dingle Peninsula exceeded their already high expectations. From the spectacular views off of the cliffs and from the top of Mt. Brandon, the serene meadows shared with sheep and cows, and the peaceful ambiance of walking along the coast, their time in Ireland left an indelible mark on their hearts. The couple also enjoyed trying local pub fare and listening to traditional music.

“Each evening, we stayed in charming bed and breakfasts, hosted by warm and welcoming locals,” Julie recalls. “Waking up to amazing breakfasts, we were fueled and ready for another day of exploration.” The couple also enjoyed the beautiful sunsets nightly and how the days stayed light until 10pm.

Words of Wisdom

However, like any seasoned travelers, Julie and Linn found room for a bit of reflection. “If we were to do it again, we’d ensure we had ample water and snacks for the daily 12-18 mile walks between villages. The walking and hiking were challenging at times, but definitely worth it,” Julie muses. She also regrets not allowing an extra day for a boat trip to the Blasket Islands, a gem that awaits further exploration.

For those considering a similar adventure, the couple offers some valuable insights. “Research the ancient history of the region,” Linn advises. The Dingle Peninsula is a treasure trove of archaeological wonders, with evidence of prehistoric inhabitants, Vikings, monks, Christian pilgrims, and global explorers leaving their mark throughout the ages.

Julie and Linn Fink’s journey through Ireland’s Dingle Peninsula stands as a testament to the power of active travel to enrich the soul and ignite the spirit of adventure. Describing the destination as both an active adventure and an outdoor romantic getaway, Julie and Linn emphasize the peninsula’s ability to cater to various travel preferences.


Julie Fink coaches Boys & Girls Varsity Cross Country as well as Track & Field Distance at Zachary High School. She joined us on the Podcast earlier this year. Listen here!


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