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The Tunnel: A Step Back in Time in Downtown Baton Rouge

This week’s #TravelThursday destination is a short trip about 14 miles away right in the heart of downtown Baton Rouge. If you haven’t already seen the buzz on social media, you will soon! The Tunnel, located in the Hilton Capitol Center, will officially open at 6 p.m. on Friday, August 18.

Local realtor Carrie Godbold and her friend Emily Hebert were lucky enough to get an invite to preview. “It all started with a few clues sent via email. First, I was told to look for the lady with the green cup. Once I found her, I was to ask her a certain question. These emails came several days leading up to the event, only adding to our excitement.”

“Upon our arrival, we located the lady with the green cup, asked her our question and were given another clue. We set out into the Hilton with this clue that revealed the entrance to The Tunnel. Once inside, we were greeted with a spread of passed appetizers and a gorgeous array of fruits and cheeses set out on a large table. The bar featured many custom handcrafted cocktails as well,” said Carrie.

The ambiance of the space feels like an authentic speakeasy with its exposed brick walls, cozy leather seating, and period antiques. The 50-person max capacity contributes to the intimacy and exclusivity to the space.  Classic roaring 20’s cocktails, an Absinthe fountain, big band/jazz music, and casual seating with lite appetizers add an element of Great Gatsby and truly feel like a step back in time.

“I’ll be watching for pop-up events and can’t wait to go back!”

-Carrie Godbold


The Tunnel’s rich history also adds to its allure. Completed in the late 20’s, the tunnel served as a connector between two hotels allowing the opulent, full-service Heidelberg Hotel to create a similar experience for the smaller King hotel across the street.

Later, The Tunnel became known as Peacock Alley and was used by Louisiana’s 40th Governor Huey P. Long to move between what is now the Hilton and Hotel Indigo. The media frenzy surrounding him during his looming impeachment often caused the need for a quick escape through The Tunnel. Legend has it that his mistress was often waiting for him there. Quite the scandal!

Ultimately, Carrie loved her experience. “I’ll be watching for the pop-up events and can’t wait to go back!” But not so fast, a “key” is required for entry to The Tunnel. Visit The Tunnel’s Instagram page on Thursday, August 17 to receive instructions on how to secure a key. You can also subscribe for email updates at thetunnelbr.com.


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