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Talented Visual Arts K- 4 Hosts Showcase

The kindergarten through 4th graders in the ZCSD Talented Arts Program, displayed their amazing artwork in the ZHS Visual and Performing Arts Center on Wednesday, April 6th. The art show consisted of many types of media used by the students such as clay, pastels, paint, etc. Instructed by their Talented Art teacher Mrs. Courtney Yoes, the students were able to showcase their creativity and talent using many types of media.

Northwestern Elementary School students made “Underwater Relief Sculptures” where the creatures seemed to jump off the background. At Rollins Place Elementary, the students used radial symmetry to create interesting, and colorful compositions. There were several different projects from Zachary Elementary such as ceramic animal banks which were made from two pinch pots. They did additive sculpting and carving on these as well. In addition to the 3-dimensional media, the students also did soft pastel still-life drawings. The students were challenged to draw a realistic section from items hung on a real Christmas tree. Surreal landscape collages were also included. As long as the students had a background, middle ground, and foreground they could be imaginative in whatever the landscape was.

A large sign made up of floral designs (that have the appearance of stained glass) was a focal point for the show. The light coming through the colors was very effective. This project was an exercise for the students to practice control while tracing lines when squeezing a glue bottle. Mixing clear glue and liquid watercolor paint to create the glass was an interesting way for them to experiment with color mixing.

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