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One token to pass GO, please

South Plains Food Company has hosted a series of invitation-only soft openings since last weekend, including a friends and family Christmas party on Saturday night. These limited attendance events, designed to train management, kitchen and staff to ensure a successful grand opening, have been very well received by guests who were lucky enough to score a coveted token needed for attendance. The Christmas party featured a buffet style dinner of some menu highlights, including fried fish and shrimp (but let me assure you, these were no freezer section popcorn shrimp thrown in a deep fryer–these were huge, deveined, tail on, Gulf shrimp perfectly battered and lovingly fried to perfection), coleslaw, potato salad, smoked brisket, prime rib, chicken and sausage gumbo, chicken wings, and an assortment of salad and steamed veggie options. The dining room is oversized, with soaring ceilings and wooden beams throughout, and plenty of booths and tables of varying sizes to accommodate 300 diners. Straight ahead from the main lobby is an enormous bar with room for a crowd, sure to become a gathering place for locals. Outside offers a 5000 square foot deck for year-round seating.

Click here to learn more about expansion plans on the 17-acre site, and here to view their menu. Interested in applying for a job? Email applications@southplainsfoodco.com

South Plains plans to open its doors to the public on Monday, December 26th, after investing an untold amount in building a high-end, beautiful landmark restaurant to serve residents of and visitors to Zachary, and create some 90 jobs within the first year alone. There’s no other way to say this–people of the Rants & Raves UNCENSORED, don’t screw this up for us or you’ll be on the naughty list for life. 


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