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Review: TJ Maxx vs Five Below

by Jordan Iverstine, Editorial Assistant 

Many residents in Zachary have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of two popular shopping options, “TJ Maxx” and “Five Below”. Where before, most of us had to make the long trek into Baton Rouge for a cute blouse or affordable self-care items, we now have two of the most popular shopping stores right in our backyard. 

To commemorate the grand opening of both stores that just so happen to be walking distance apart, I dug into the merchandise of both stores to give you an overview of prices, items, and overall appeal. 

TJ Maxx






TJ Maxx is renowned for having up-to-date fashion choices for every season. When I walked in the door, I was greeted with stylish, cozy clothing, like these sweaters and flannels:



Moving on into the other sections of the store, I noticed TJ Maxx also has a large variety of shoes, bags, and self-care products, all seemingly from good, high(er) end brands:












When it comes to home items, TJ Maxx has you covered there too. They have a wide variety, from simple coffee table decor to wicker baskets. 








In all, I’d say if you’re looking for some high-end home goods or a nice article of clothing, TJ Maxx is where you need to go. They even have selections on luggage, pet items, and jewelry. 

Five Below








Five Below is unique in its ability to stock every item you could need for a gift or “treat-yo-self moment.” The first thing that really stands out is their exuberant selection of candy and interesting snacks that can’t just be found anywhere for under $5, including some healthy options. 








Five Below also has a wide range of toys and stuffed animals, making it a great place to buy for birthdays and Christmas. 











One other pleasant surprise was a wide aisle that had everything you could need for trick-or-treating and Halloween decor. 









After visiting, I believe that Five Below is an awesome place for inexpensive items that fuel your inner child. While there’s plenty of merchandise that any kid will enjoy, there’s also an electronics section, a self-care and beauty section, and a home decor section that adults will enjoy as well. 

Compare and Contrast

There were a few areas of both stores that overlapped and showed the differences between the brands. For example, both stores have a good selection of beauty products, like these hair clips. 

The clip on the left is from TJ Maxx and the clip on the right is from Five Below. The flower clips are much more in style, and only cost $7.99. While Five Below does have the price beat at only $3.25 for three butterfly clips, the plastic feels a lot cheaper. 










Next is the tech section. Looking at both images may leave you wondering, which is the cheaper product, until you see the $5 price tag on the right pair of earbuds. As an overpriced rival, TJ Maxx sells a similar pair for 5x that at $24.99. While I haven’t checked quality, I’m pretty sure that Five Below has the better deal and more variety. 














Last but not least, I also managed to find a bag of candy corn in each store to go with the holiday season. While many people would argue that candy corn is a blemish to society, when it’s wrapped in a cute holo bag and selling for $4.99 at TJ Maxx, you might want to change your mind. On the flip side, Five Below again has TJ Maxx beat on the price at just $1.50 for about the same amount of candy. If you want to pay an extra $3.50 for a shiny bag, we won’t judge. 











In my opinion, I think Zachary has more than enough room for both stores. TJ Maxx and Five Below may overlap in certain areas, but depending on what you need and what you want to spend, we’re sure that you’ll find yourself stepping foot in both.

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