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Porch & Parish Accepting Nominations for Zachary’s Best Dressed Teachers

Porch & Parish proudly announces that nominations are now open for Zachary’s Best Dressed Teachers. The inaugural feature will be the center spread of the August edition of Zachary’s Community Magazine.

Zachary residents are encouraged to nominate teachers via the online form available here

The four teachers who receive the most nominations will be featured as Zachary’s Best Dressed Teachers in the Growing Up edition of Porch & Parish Magazine. 

“We want to express our appreciation for the hardworking educators in the ZCSD,” said Jen Gennaro, Porch & Parish Editor. “We know it’s not easy rising before dawn, getting adequately caffeinated and putting together a look that will withstand the scrutiny of a classroom full of tiny critics or teenage fashionistas. So tell us – whose nails or heels are always on point? Who’s always in a suit and tie? And which teacher always has the best accessory of all – a big, kind smile?”

Anyone can nominate a teacher who is currently employed by the Zachary Community School District. The nomination period is June 3 – 24.  Winners will be contacted on June 27 and announced publicly that week. 

Zachary’s Best Dressed Teachers will attend a photoshoot hosted by Porch & Parish, which will be published in the Growing Up edition of Porch & Parish. The upcoming edition will highlight people and businesses who make growing up in Zachary excellent. Magazines will be mailed directly to more than 10,000 residents and available on racks across the city the first week of August 2022. 

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