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Dennis Maciasz

Pop Quiz:  Do you know the difference between a sole proprietor and a Sub-S corporation?   There are a few minor differences and a few major differences.   A potential entrepreneur should spend time with a CPA to help make the best decision.  There are functions of running a business that the CPA proves to be invaluable, such as the function of sales tax reporting and responsibilities or establishing a retirement plan that best fits your business size and budget. How about the inventory controls features of the company’s software and payroll tax reporting? You don’t want to get behind on payroll tax payments! If the answer to any of these questions is “no” then your business could definitely benefit from you spending a bit of time (and yes, OK, also a bit of money) with a CPA. Dennis M. Maciasz, CPA offers clients the assistance and guidance they need to plan a foundation that will help their business turn a profit. With services ranging from Quickbook Training and Tax Preparation to larger partnerships like Contract Controllerships and Monthly Bookkeeping, you can do what you do best knowing that your finances are being guarded by someone who does THAT best. 

“Trying to DIY your taxes means potentially leaving thousands of dollars on the table.”

But maybe you don’t have a business. You’re just a guy or gal working a job and who has to pay your taxes every April 15th. A good CPA is still a worthy place to spend your money. Trying to DIY your taxes means potentially leaving thousands of dollars on the table. The peace of mind of knowing that your taxes were done correctly and professionally means you can spend your time thinking about more important things…like what to do with that big refund!

Preserving your financial security, wellness, and wealth is a big job. A professional relationship with a CPA takes some of that weight off your shoulders and gives you the tools you need to thrive, professionally and personally. If you’re interested in getting started, contact Dennis at 225-658-0262 or email him at dennis@dennismacy.com. 

Dennis Maciasz and his daughter Anna Tannehill, both CPAs at Dennis M. Maciasz, CPA located at 1215 Independence Blvd. Building 2, Suite B in Zachary.

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