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No Frights, Just Delights: Hosting a Not-So-Scary Halloween

By Jordan Iverstine

Friendly Ghouls & Ghosts

Most humans respond negatively to humanoid monsters, like witches, zombies, or clowns, because of a response known as the Uncanny Valley Effect. To keep your Halloween party seasonal but not-so-scary, decorate with spiders, bats, generic ghosts, and lots of pumpkins!

Skip the Strobe Lights

Instead of neon or blacklights, orange or purple string lights will give your Halloween party the spooky feel without being disorienting or breaking the bank. 

Pumpkin it up

Speaking of pumpkins – snag a few to make an easy-to-build entrance arch with endless possibilities for customization. For a cheaper option, opt for pumpkin buckets from the Dollar Store. Want to go all out? Add extras like fall leaves, hay bales, or balloons. 


Tailored by Tay Tay: Doorway Decorations

Door at Porch & Parish Headquarters decorated by Tailored by Tay Tay
Door at Porch & Parish Headquarters decorated by Tailored by Tay Tay

They say that the way to happiness is through the narrow door, but no one ever said the door had to be boring! With Tailored by Tay Tay, Tatum Avants can instantly upgrade your basic archways and porches into an entrance fit for any festivity. If a full arch isn’t your style, simplify with a custom wreath that won’t be like every other door on the block. 

Call (225) 939-4253

Snacks so easy it’s scary

Elevating party food to a spooky theme doesn’t have to be scary! Simple combinations like rice crispy treats dunked in colored chocolate or combining Oreos, candy corn and pretzels to create tasty creatures will make your snack spread exceptionally on-theme without the terrifying Pinterest vs. Reality results.


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