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Mayor McDavid making quick progress

Mayor David McDavid has a big vision for Zachary and he’s wasting no time getting to work to see it done. 

At a recent Zachary Chamber of Commerce Lunch and Learn, Mayor McDavid gave progress updates on several of his priorities. First, he mentioned his success in getting condemned buildings torn down. Though there are still more to address, he has gotten the ball rolling on clearing abandoned structures that have languished for years. Next, he spoke about how the Zachary Youth Park has brought hundreds of people to Zachary for tournaments that fill our hotels and restaurants. 

Mayor McDavid is working aggressively to pursue economic development, and highlighted a new grocery store coming to Americana–though there is nothing signed yet, and planning is still in the works. He also mentioned the T-word…Target! But like I always tell my kids: just because I say the word “ice cream” doesn’t mean we’re getting an ice cream! His comment was more off the cuff, as in, Mandeville just got a smaller-format Target store, and he’d like to see something like that here.

His talk wasn’t just focused on these exciting economic developments though; he also talked infrastructure. The City of Zachary is interested in annexing some areas of Zachary. We’re getting a new gas meter system and gas meter smart points within the city to support our growth. These smart points will help to quickly detect gas leaks to keep consumers and the environment safe. Eventually, we will be getting smart water meters as well. These meters will start commercially, but eventually trickle down to residential as well, and should save us all money. 

On the park front, there are plans to add a new special needs playground as well as a permanent bathroom to Hug Your People Park. The City is also looking at expanding our conservation areas and hiking trails. The beauty of the City and the health of its residents are one of Mayor McDavid’s top priorities. 

Another top priority is the safety of our roads. He has met with DOTD to talk about addressing the issue with Plank and Highway 64. He’s also working to get the traffic lights synchronized, although that will require updating some of the older traffic lights in the city. He spoke on working with the City-Parish government to address the needed roadwork on Rollins and Ma cHost roads as well as clearing ditches to control flooding.

Finally, he gave a status update on the 185-million-dollar expansion to Lane. It is on schedule and on budget, with the first phase on schedule to be complete by Christmas. That’s a good thing, because Zachary has begun to make an impression on the international tourism market. Two French-speaking couples from Quebec City, Canada, on a trip to Baton Rouge, were told about Zachary and had to make the trip out here to say Bonjour! and see it for themselves. With these new developments and the continued focus on infrastructure, Zachary will be ready in case they spread the word of our community throughout French-Speaking Canada. 

Interested in joining the Zachary Chamber of Commerce? Click here for more info!


Sharon Phillips, Chamber Director Ashleigh McHugh, and Mayor David McDavid.

Reported by contributing writer Sara Horn of Zachary Travel. Contributing writers Lauren Pope & Jen Gennaro.

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