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It’s King Cake season

Looking for a King Cake? We’ve got you covered!

If you…need Caluda’s 

Caluda’s is a legendary New Orleans bakery, and PJ’s in Zachary imports both traditional ($30) and cream cheese ($34) large Caluda’s King Cakes from the source. You can also pick it up by the slice for $3 for traditional or $3.50 for one with cream cheese.

Of course, while you’re at PJ’s you can also grab a King Cake Latte, Velvet Ice, or Cold Brew with Sweet Cold Foam. 


If you…just want a bite

CC’s in Zachary are once again offering their famous King Cake Cake Balls. They’re the perfect size for when you just want a little bit of King Cake to brighten your day, but you’re short a fork and plate. They are $2.65 each, but there’s a 10% discount if you get 10 or more. 

CC’s also has a wide variety of King Cake coffee treats. Here you’ll find a King Cake Latte, Mochasippi, and a brand new Cold Foam Cold Brew.  


If you…are looking for a deal

We scoured town and discovered that the best prices for King Cake are at Winn-Dixie! A small traditional cake will only set you back $8.99, and a large cream cheese filled cake is just under $20. They don’t have as wide a selection of flavors as some other places, but if you’re just looking for a traditional King Cake, you can get the most bang for your buck at WD.


If you…want something fancy

You’ll have to drive a bit for this cake, but everyone I’ve talked to has assured me that it is VERY worth it. Oak Point in Central makes a praline King Cake that’s to die for. Priced at only $20.99, it’s also a great deal. 


If you…are already tired of King Cake

It’s early in the season, but maybe you’re burned out after years of cinnamon overload. Or maybe *gasp* you just don’t love traditional King Cake. Maybe you’d prefer the Gentilly Mardi Gras cake in the bakery at Rouses. This round cake sells for $19.99 and is a great seasonal alternative to a standard Gentilly cake. Of course, while you’re at Rouses, you can pick up one of their standard King Cakes as well. They have them in just about every size and flavor you can imagine. 

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