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Feature Friday: Crafting Creative Excellence with Aikesh Design

by Lauren Pope, Staff Writer

At the Little School in Zachary, we found My’kethia Antoine—or Ms. Mya, as her adoring two-year-old students call her—painting a cozy fall scene on the exterior windows.  It was here, against the backdrop of her fall window scape, that we discovered her multifaceted venture, Aikesh Design.

Customized Sweatshirts

Aikesh Design is My’kethia’s creative outlet, extending far beyond the charming confines of the preschool. Her portfolio is diverse: from stylish tassel earrings and bespoke screen-printed t-shirts to handcrafted wreaths and balloon garlands.

As the holiday season approaches, My’kethia’s skills are set to take center stage. She’s been entrusted by a good friend with the exciting endeavor of designing a float for the Baton Rouge Christmas parade—a project that will surely showcase her flair for large-scale visual expression.

The inspiration for My’kethia’s diverse creations can be traced back to her family. Her daughter’s enthusiasm for cute, handcrafted items was the spark, while her grandmother’s expertise in floral design provided the foundational knowledge she weaves into her wreaths. Each piece My’kethia creates is a labor of love, infused with a passion that’s palpable in its final form.

Wreaths for any occasion

Aikesh Design isn’t just a business, it’s a reflection of My’kethia’s dedication to her craft. Those looking to add a touch of custom artistry to their life can reach out to My’kethia at 225-620-7312 or follow her creations on Instagram at aikesh_design.

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