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Faith, Family & Community Keep the McHughs Young at Heart

Tom Ed and Betty McHugh, 79, are longtime residents of Zachary. Tom Ed’s family has deep roots here, with his grandfather’s uncle being the first Mayor. Tom Ed continued his family’s tradition of public service as the former Mayor-President of East Baton Rouge Parish and executive director of the Louisiana Municipal Association.

Betty’s father owned Schilling’s Pharmacy, where she worked behind the soda fountain. The couple reminisce about the cherry cokes with peanuts they enjoyed after school, although Tom Ed admits he never received any free hamburgers or drinks. Betty also worked at L’Armoire clothing store while managing the busy social schedule of a political family.

Maintaining a healthy morning routine is important to the McHughs. They wake up early, read the Bible, and enjoy cereal with fruit for breakfast. Betty emphasizes the importance of starting the day right, especially when they are headed to the YMCA to exercise on the stationary bikes. They also stay active by walking on the trails and spending time with their grandchildren and great-grandchildren.Family time holds a special place in the McHughs’ hearts.

They also prioritize their faith, with Betty being the longest-standing member of Zachary Community Church.

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