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Exploring the Rich Heritage of Italy: A Journey with Friends

Destination: Italy

Dates: April 13-April 30

Travelers: Robbi Flynn, Diane Walkoviak, Sharon Sheroan, and Dori LeBreton

Planning the Adventure

Robbi Flynn, along with her friends Diane Walkoviak, Sharon Sheroan, and Dori LeBreton, embarked on an adventure of a lifetime as they set foot in the captivating country of Italy in April. This group of seasoned travelers, all former flight attendants for American Airlines, chose Italy as their destination after Diane expressed her desire to visit her niece in Florence.

Exceeding Expectations

“Italy is a beautiful country anywhere you go, and the people are very friendly! So much history, great food, and wine! The architecture is amazing. Each new city had its own beauty, but the countryside and the ocean probably exceeded my expectations. Italy is so rich in history particularly with the Vatican in Rome, but each place we went we learned about the beginning of Christianity after Jesus’ death. Also, the art is steeped in history,” said Robbi.

Words of Wisdom

Reflecting on their journey, Robbi says she probably would not do anything differently. She does advise on the importance of having a private hotel room to retire to each night. After spending the day together exploring, having a private space to unwind and relax was a welcome respite. “I would advise spending the extra money for your own hotel room because after being together all day we all were happy to have some quiet time in our own room.”

Comfortable footwear and a sense of adventure are essential as they easily walked 10-12,000 steps per day taking in the sights! The cobblestone streets, steep inclines, and stairs can be physically demanding.

One last word of advice for fellow travelers: Always, always eat the gelato!





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