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Exploring Cape Cod: A Bucket List Girls Trip

Destination: Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Dates: June 16-21, 2023 

Travelers: Kim Ewing, Lisa Sorrel, Tammy Wesley, Shea Shexnayder

Choosing the Destination

For this group of friends, a trip to Cape Cod has always been a dream destination and they were excited to explore it together.

“We knew we wanted to visit either Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard while there and we went with Nantucket. Lisa planned our itinerary and booked our Airbnb,” said Kim Ewing.

Exceeding Expectations

The whole group agreed that they enjoyed sight-seeing in Provincetown much more than they anticipated. They were able to go on a whale watching tour as well as a Jeep Dune tour.

“The town has the coolest vibe. We loved the riding along the dunes and seeing the artist shacks hidden amongst the dunes near the coast.”

Words of Wisdom

Kim says that travelers should plan for more time. “I think that Cape Cod is a place that requires more than one visit to really get the feel of it all. There are so many unique towns up and down the Cape and one week isn’t enough to take it all in. We managed to see all the Light Houses and visit quite a few beaches as well as do a little shopping and sightseeing, but there was so much we didn’t get to see.”

Ultimately, the trip turned out to be the perfect girls getaway destination, but Kim thinks that the whole family would enjoy time on the Cape.


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