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Ensuring Safety and Continuity in the Face of Disaster

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Reflecting on the chaos and confusion that unfolded during Hurricane Katrina in 2005, when an armed guard had to be placed outside another bank’s doors to manage the masses of people descending upon Greater Baton Rouge, Bank of Zachary’s Physical Security Officer Kathryn Richard says it’s amazing how far emergency preparedness in the financial industry has come.

Kathryn Richard
BoZ Physical Security Officer

Though Bank of Zachary is a local, community bank, they understand the importance of establishing robust disaster recovery protocols, and have implemented a comprehensive plan as stringent as the nation’s largest banks to address potential challenges, including hurricanes, floods, and  pandemics. The emergency preparedness plan ensures  that  the Bank can continue operating immediately after an incident, even with reduced staff, compromised systems, or partial services.

Staying Vigilant on Your Behalf

Annual Emergency Preparedness workshops with the Louisiana Bankers  Association  assemble bankers, regulators, emergency preparedness officials, law enforcement personnel, the national weather service, and armored carriers to exchange knowledge and plans. Bank of Zachary leadership conducts frequent emergency drills, using realistic scenarios, to identify potential gaps, weaknesses, and misperceptions in their plan. By subjecting the plan to rigorous testing and monitoring emerging threats, Bank of  Zachary remains compliant with regulatory requirements, and vigilant for the safety of their employees and customers.

Keep Cash in Case of Emergency

Bank of Zachary encourages customers to take proactive steps in their personal emergency preparedness. Recognizing the potential for disruptions to traditional banking services, BoZ encourages its customers to keep a sufficient amount of cash on hand. This ensures that individuals can meet their immediate financial needs in case of ATM outages or other unforeseen circumstances. Additionally, BoZ strongly recommends enrolling in online banking services to conveniently access and manage accounts anytime and anywhere. BoZ provides a user-friendly mobile app, enabling customers to stay on top of their banking activities and enjoy the security and flexibility of a digital wallet.

Use a Digital Wallet

To enhance security and reduce the need for carrying cash, BoZ advises customers to rely on digital wallets. By keeping cards securely stored in a digital wallet, customers enjoy the convenience of making payments without the risks associated with carrying physical currency. While digital wallets provide a safer alternative, BoZ also highlights the importance of safety deposit boxes for storing valuable documents, contracts, and other essential items. Safety deposit boxes are not waterproof, but they serve as a reliable option for protecting important paperwork during emergencies.

By implementing these measures, individuals can better navigate emergencies and protect their financial well-being.

Founded  in  1904, Bank of Zachary is the oldest State chartered bank in East Baton Rouge Parish serving residents, businesses and communities. Bank of Zachary is locally owned and operated. Hometown banking is Bank of Zachary’s mission and specialty. The Bank of Zachary is a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. The FDIC Standard Maximum Deposit Insurance Amount (SMDIA) for deposits is $250,000 per depositor, per insured financial institution, for each account ownership category. The Bank is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Equal Housing Lender. For more information, visit www.bankofzachary.com or call (225) 654-2701.

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