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ZHS Future Farmers of America is State Bound

Maia Carter, Laryn Bunch, Kelsi Atkinson, FFA Area Officer, Alaishia Joseph
Zachary FFA is State Bound after Zachary High School sent three teams to the Area IV FFA CDE (Career Development Events) competition, and all teams advanced to the state level.
The teams will compete at the state level on Tuesday, April 5 at LSU. Five of the FFA team members from Veterinary Science were in the individual top ten scores. Students competed against twenty-nine teams and over a hundred participants. 
The students were tasked with identifying different breeds of small animals and livestock, parasites, and veterinary equipment followed by a fifty-question general knowledge exam of behavior, diseases, medical terminology, medical records, anatomy/physiology, federal regulations (OSHA, MSDS), patient management, genetics, nutrition, and husbandry.
Laryn Bunch was the high point individual in the Veterinary Science Competition. She scored the highest out of 103 participants. The ZHS FFA nursery and landscape team had to identify thirty plants used in the beautification of homes, grounds, and public areas. They had to identify twenty types of equipment used in landscaping. There was also a general knowledge exam of the principles and skills involved in plant nomenclature and classification, plant growth requirements, soil characteristics, plant propagation, basic entomology, plant pathology, pest management, non-chemical pest control, weed science, turf management, ground covers, annuals, and perennials, and rose culture in Louisiana.
Veterinary Science Blue: 1st Place
—Laryn Bunch
—Kelsi Atkinson
—Maia Carter
—Alaishia Joseph
Veterinary Science Gold: 3rd Place
—Riley McClure
—Audrey Mitchem
—Miya Dunn
—Cailin Stein
Nursery and Landscape: 4th Place
—Emmy McAlister
—Ava Dillon
—Mya Hays
—Rylee Bozeman

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