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Dr. Liz Ezelle Becomes Partner at Plains Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Liz Ezelle has become a Partner of Plains Veterinary Hospital alongside Eddie Annison and Carol Tarpley Annison after being a veterinarian with Plains Veterinary for 11 years.

Ezelle began her career at Plains Veterinary Hospital after graduating from veterinary school in April 2011. Plains Veterinary Hospital provides high-quality healthcare services with honest, compassionate and thorough care at affordable prices. Creating and maintaining strong relationships is a priority for Ezelle, she said.

Ezelle expressed appreciation for the promotion to partner with the company.

Dr. Liz Ezelle

“It confirms the great working relationship and trust we have in each other as colleagues and work family.”

Ezelle recognized that clinics will often sell to large corporations, so she is beyond grateful for this opportunity.

“This transition into partnership was very emotional for us all because we’ve all poured our heart and soul into taking care of our clients who have helped make PVH the great place it is today,” she explained.

Plains Veterinary was a small operation of two doctors, four assistants and a receptionist when Ezelle started.

“We were a small work family and they all took the term ‘family’ seriously. Once they welcomed me in, it didn’t take me long to feel like I was part of their family,” she said. Since then, their team has grown to 13.

Ezelle said she is grateful to her team and the clients who make Plains Veterinary Hospital the great place it is today.

“We’ve always had amazing supportive clients, talented and compassionate staff and Doctors, and couldn’t be happier serving the Zachary community,” she said.




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