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DIY Fall Tablescape

Ashley Evans & Maura Travieso


· Real or fake flowers (color of your choosing)

· Real or fake hollow pumpkin

· Plastic cup

· Large sharp knife

· Other accessories of your choosing. We chose candles, pinecones, cloth pumpkins, a tray and a blanket.

Step 1 : Place a large hollow pumpkin on a hard flat surface. Set the plastic cup upside down over the stem. Trace the rim of the cup onto the pumpkin. Remove the plastic cup and carve along the traced line. Take out the stem to create an opening at the top.

Step 2 : Place your flowers into the hole. Arrange flowers to your liking. The more the better.

Step 3 : Lay out your blanket or table runner on desired surface. Place the tray in the middle of the blanket. Place the pumpkin in the middle of the tray.

Step 4 : Add candles to one side of the tray, and don’t forget to use different heights and sizes to create visual interest! Fill the remaining space with pine cones.

Step 5 : Accessorize to your liking. Consider adding small pumpkins, gourds, and other items from your fabulous fall decor collection. Give it your own flavor! 

Step 6 : Light the candles and feel the fall vibes!

Did you make a Fall tablescape? We’d love to see it! Post a pic and tag us on facebook! 

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