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Divine Intervention filming continues

Filming continued recently for Donna Butler’s thrilling time travel drama, Divine Intervention. The crew set up in Zachary to film the protagonist’s arrival into this century. Alma and Rosette, played by LeTroy Lathers and Lauren Thomas, respectively, are escaped slaves on the run from very different circumstances. Disoriented, they crash into each other, which somehow transports them through time to modern day Southern Louisiana. 

Butler leads the all-Black production team, and directed the scenes with grace and passion. It is, as she freely admits, hard subject matter, but she keeps the cast uplifted with her drive to tell their compelling story. It was cold the day that they filmed, and the metal chain worn by Lathers was icy to the touch. It was impossible to see him wince at the cold and not think of the real history behind it. 

After filming wrapped, the cast and crew had to break down production in a hurry. They had an important meeting with a potential investor to talk about distribution. Stay tuned to learn when and where you’ll be able to see this incredible project!

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