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Copper Mill Elementary Art Teacher Awarded $3,500 Grant

Darryl Alello

Copper Mill Elementary art teacher, Darryl Alello, was recently awarded a $3500 Jazz and Heritage Community Partnership Grant. The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation is a non-profit that owns the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. The Foundation uses proceeds from Jazz Fest, and other raised funds, for year-round programs in education, economic development and cultural enrichment. Since 1979, the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation has invested proceeds from the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival directly into the community with grants to fund projects that support the foundation’s mission. Over the last ten years, more than $10 million has been awarded in Community Partnership Grants. Knowing that Jazz Fest is helping to support art education for many students throughout our state makes it an even more special event.

Named “Louisiana Art Teacher of the Year” in 2020, Mr. Alello has been an outstanding art teacher in the Zachary Community School District since 2007. When he was hired, Mr. Alello was the only elementary art teacher in the district. Our district’s art program has grown exponentially since, and Mr. Alello has been an instrumental part of that development. He is an innovative and dedicated art teacher who goes above and beyond for his students. Applying for and receiving a large grant like this demonstrates his drive to provide the best possible art education for his students. Mr. Alello says the funding he was awarded will go towards additional art materials to enhance art projects and expanding his lessons on Renaissance artists and art. The Zachary School District appreciates and applauds his creativity, hard work and dedication to his students and the community.

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