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City Adds Crosswalks in Downtown Zachary

Downtown Zachary will soon have three new crosswalks for pedestrians. Painting began Monday, Sept. 26 on Lee Street at the entrance of The HugYourPeople Park and the intersections of Main Street and Lee Street on both sides, connecting retailers.

The crosswalks will help make Zachary more walkable and show pedestrians the best place to cross the street safely, according to a press release from the City of Zachary.

“This project, along with several other crosswalks in the city, were analyzed and studied last year by a professional traffic engineer who recommended implementation and guidance,” said Mayor Amrhein.

Pedestrians have the right of way in crosswalks that are marked. This means a driver must yield to any pedestrian within the crosswalk on the road where the vehicle is traveling or turning onto.

The project was a partnership with the City of Zachary, and Sherwin Williams, who donated the paint to complete this community project.

The City of Zachary encourages residents to look for more crosswalks in the future to accommodate pedestrians in our city better.

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