Making Money Moves

The Five Pillars of Financial Literacy Financial literacy is the #1 subject not taught in school that everyone needs to understand. The basics of earning, saving, protecting, spending and borrowing […]

Borrow to Build Your Business

For most people, borrowing money at some point in life is inevitable. Whether it’s to buy your first home, a used car for your teenager, or to fund your business, […]

Plan Profit & Preserve

Pop Quiz:  Do you know the difference between a sole proprietor and a Sub-S corporation?   There are a few minor differences and a few major differences.   A potential […]

Protect Your Health & Your Life

Your Health. Picture it. It’s a great day on the lake. You’ve caught a lot of fish and got a great tan. Life is good. You decide to take one […]

Protect & Expect the Unexpected

When “that will never happen” happens, you’re either glad that you have good insurance, or heartbroken that you passed on the policy that could have protected you.  If you have […]

Protect with Preparation

The majority of Americans lack the documents necessary for a well-planned estate to ensure that everything you own goes to who you want it to go to and your medical […]

Save and Invest

If you’re anything like me, you probably get credit card offers in the mailbox every day. No Annual Fee! No Interest on Purchases and Balance Transfers for 15 months! It […]

Earn for Retirement

…and protect your nest egg from significantly higher taxes in retirement.” For most retirees, two risks loom large on the retirement landscape — tax rate risk and longevity risk. Here’s […]