God’s Plan: Answered Prayers Again & Again

by Abby Hebert The summer before my senior year of high school, I ended an unhealthy, four-year-long relationship.  At a church camp shortly after, the Lord opened my heart and […]

The Benzer House: Party of 7!

by Jen Gennaro After several years of infertility following the back-to-back births of their oldest daughters, Lizzie and Dustin Benzer were told by their OB-GYN that they were unlikely to […]

Two Dads, One Dream

by Lauren Pope Respiratory Therapist Greg Travis experienced the COVID-19 pandemic at its front lines. That would be enough for most people to want to just go home and sleep […]

A Family Made of Miracles

by Lauren Pope Jessi Morris first went to Haiti as a missionary after the devastating 2010 earthquake, then returned to live there full time and work for the children’s school, […]

The Art of Co-Parenting

by Jordan Iverstine In the spring of 2011, Alexandra Sorice left New York for Montana to attend the wedding of her best friend. As fate would have it, there she […]