AAPI Stories: AEKO

Tall tales swirl around the dynamic figure known locally as AEKO, (an abbreviation of his real name, and pronounced “echo”) everyone’s favorite–and only–server at Asian Pearl. And some of them […]

AAPI Stories: Sister Norma Nunez

Sister Norma Nunez was born in the Philippines into a life of service. As the oldest of eight children in a deeply Catholic family, it seems her vocation was official […]

AAPI Stories: Shawn Gee

Growing up in New Orleans East with a Cuban mother and Chinese father, Shawn Gee learned early on to let rude comments roll off his back.  “People would say, ‘Get […]

AAPI Stories: Dr. Froilan Tolentino

Dr. Froilan Tolentino, known as Dr. T here in Zachary, was married to Jelly Tolentino for 36 years before his passing from pancreatic cancer in 2011. Together, they had three […]

AAPI Stories: Leena Doiron

Leena Doiron grew up in Mangalore, India, a coastal community near the Arabian Sea. She met her husband, Louisiana native Kevin Doiron, while serving as a civilian contractor in Bahrain. […]

AAPI Stories: Christine Merritt

Christine Merritt was born in Korea, where her parents met while her dad was stationed in the military. When she was four, the family relocated to Fort Polk in Leesville, […]

AAPI Stories: Coach Cheri Perry

At Zachary High School graduation, volleyball players wear colorful leis. Those are courtesy of Coach Cheri Perry, who was raised in Hawaii and is of American Samoan, Tokelauan and Black […]

AAPI Stories: The Day Family

Louisiana native and retired U.S. Marine Veteran Jason Day, his Japanese wife Yuki, and their four kids, Chase (19), Markey (16), Mattie “Buddha” (13) and Cody (4), have been back […]