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Camping but make it glam

The perfect date night means something different for everyone. Some people enjoy a night in, others prefer a getaway. Glamping – that’s glamorous + camping – is the solution. Whether in your backyard or at a State Park, glamping is a fun way for you and that special someone, or your favorite group of special someones, to unwind and get away. We spoke with professional event planners and owners of Geaux Glamping, Lori Russell and Rebecca Fontenot, on how to turn your backyard into an Instagram-worthy date night destination this Valentine’s Day. For those celebrating in a more single way, glamping is a fun way to host girls night or a watch party of The Bachelor. However you decide to glamp, the most important part is to have fun and opt for a weatherproof tent. Follow these tips from the pros.
About Geaux Glamping
Rebecca Fontenot & Lori Russell, co-owners of Geaux Glamping.Edit Image

Rebecca Fontenot & Lori Russell, co-owners of Geaux Glamping.
Rebecca Fontenot and Lori Russell are full-time event planners who started Geaux Glamping together in July 2021. Rebecca was inspired by a TikTok about glamping. “After doing a little research, I discovered this was something popping up all over the place that hadn’t reached our area yet,” said Rebecca. She knew who to call, Lori answered, and the pair have been building the business ever since. People began booking with Geaux Glamping the day the website launched. The pair offers several glamping packages for couples, parties and events ranging from $350 – $500. They agree that the key to a great glamping experience is to pay attention to the details!
The Details
Start with a high-quality tent –waterproof is best! Find a flat, dry spot in the backyard and follow the setup instructions (or YouTube it). Lori & Rebecca set up 13-foot and 15-foot traditional bell tents made of canvas. Canvas is waterproof, mildew resistant and flame retardant to ensure you’re safe and dry even during a surprise South Louisiana shower. The circular floor plan comfortably accommodates one queen bed, a seating area, bedside tables
and a coffee cart. For larger groups, the 13 and 15-foot tents fit five full-size beds with room for beanbag chairs and decor accents. Each of the Geaux Glamping tents features a candle chandelier, a creative detail that adds to the ambiance. Geaux Glamping also includes an air conditioner (or heater) with each tent to ensure the best experience no matter the weather.
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Disconnect to Reconnect
Several studies have shown that using a phone, or even having one visible, makes face-to-face interactions less meaningful and can make people feel less connected. Lori & Rebecca suggest getting phones out of sight and out of mind by putting them on Do Not Disturb and in a box to make the most of your glamping experience. If you need to be contacted in case of an emergency, favorite those contacts (i.e. the babysitter) before putting your phone on Do Not Disturb to ensure it still rings should they call.
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Cozy Conversation
Conversation cards are a great idea! Lori & Rebecca recommend Our Moments. The questions and prompts range from silly to sensual and are sure to elicit some laughs and meaningful conversation. Pairs well with your favorite glass of wine!
Make It Uniquely Yours
Make date night truly yours by adding your own personal touch! Enjoy movies? Bring a movie projector. Add snacks like a charcuterie board and wine for two. Looking to go over the top? Add balloon garland for the ultimate Instagram pic to show off your unique date night.

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