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Borrow to Build Your Business

Amanda Moran
Assistant Vice President &
Loan Officer, Bank of Zachary

For most people, borrowing money at some point in life is inevitable. Whether it’s to buy your first home, a used car for your teenager, or to fund your business, Bank of Zachary has been helping the community with all of their banking and borrowing needs since 1904.

Assistant Vice President and loan officer Amanda Moran is the point person and expert when it comes to loan types and availability. Because she works on all loan files across personal and business products, she’s had the unique opportunity to finance some families through their biggest moments. Like one Zachary couple, who financed construction of their dream home through Moran, who then went on to help their three children with their individual borrowing needs over the next few years. Mom Brandi R. saw a framed poster of the 1989 Sausage Festival hanging in the bank and commented that she’d been looking for a copy for years, since that was her and her husband’s first date.

“We were able to find a copy of the poster, frame it and give it to her,” Moran says. 

Moran says one of the most heartwarming experiences recently was to help an elderly lady get preapproved to buy her first home. “I was able to get her an answer same day,” she says. “She couldn’t believe that she didn’t have to wait to hear from us. It was so touching to see the joy on her face, to know she was about to purchase her first home ever, and she was in her 80s,” Moran says. 

It’s the down-home feel coupled with the solutions-oriented, accessible bankers that creates lifelong customers at Bank of Zachary. “When you call, you don’t get an automated system–you get a person,” Moran says. 

Amid Covid, she and a handful of others worked their day jobs at the bank, then went home to process PPP applications through the early morning hours. “We didn’t know when the money would run out, so we just kept working,” she says. The phone rang off the hook with frustrated people on the other end, terrified of losing their business and unable to get through to a real person at their bigger bank. Bank of Zachary processed more than 550 PPP loans for more than $40 million in funding to small businesses during Covid.

Most experts agree that taking out debt responsibly and paying it back over time is the best way to build credit. Unless you’re planning to pay cash for everything in life, a solid credit score and credit history is necessary. At Bank of Zachary, high school students can open their first bank account, and speak to universal bankers or lenders about how to establish credit. While they do need to be 18 to borrow money, they can have a couple years’ experience beforehand on learning to manage their money and checking account. 

From a small personal loan to a hefty business or land acquisition, and everything in between, Bank of Zachary customers know they can count on professional, friendly service for all of their borrowing needs. Contact Amanda at 225.364.7898.

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