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Best Dressed Teacher: Courtney Bello

Courtney Bello | Zachary High School


Emergency Medical Response &

 Medical Occupations

How long have you taught?

7 months after 14 years in nursing

Where did you grow up?

Livonia, LA

What’s a motto you live by?

YOLO- You only live once! You only get one shot at this life, make it count!

Why do you love being a teacher?

 I began my professional career as a nurse. I was given the opportunity to start teaching last December and it has completely changed my outlook.  Nursing was rewarding, but teaching is that and so much more.  I love that I still get the chance to influence the lives of others and make an impact.  I hope to be the teacher that inspires my students to want to change the world.

Give us a style tip!

Find your personal style. Experiment with unique style choices: colors, patterns, fabrics, shapes to find what looks great on your unique body type. Your style may end up being a combination of fashion categories. Find what makes you feel confident and stand out. After all,  confidence is the best fashion accessory!

What’s your go-to fashion piece?

I have two. Vervet Bella High Rise Flare Leg jeans because they pair with everything and my  Mimosa Handcrafted Gold Pelican Cuff that you wear with any style.

What’s your style?

Casual-chic, trendy, boho

Favorite places to shop?

Shop Style Your Senses & Mingle

Who do you want to shoutout?

My husband, Kyle, for always boosting my confidence, supporting me, and allowing me to chase my dreams. To my children, family, and friends for teaching me the true meaning of unconditional love and helping me to become the person I am today.


Nominations below are some of the many received. 

“No matter what she is always there for students if a student is having any type of problems. If a student is hungry she will go out of her way to give students food. She is the best teacher anyone could ask for she treats everyone with kindness and respect.”

– Isabella B.

“Mrs. Bello deserves recognition because for one she can dress, and two, she is like everyone’s second mother.

She’s  so cool and you can come to her about anything.”

-Brionne F.

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