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Agave Blue Dynamic Duo Spices Things Up

by Lauren Pope, Staff Writer 


Jaciel and Cintia Rodriguez

Porch and Parish recently had the privilege of hosting a community Family Dinner at Agave Blue Tequila & Taco Bar, nestled in the heart of Americana. The evening, like the margaritas that flowed, was a blend of zest, culture, and community spirit.

Agave Blue isn’t just another corporate Tex-Mex joint. What sets it apart is an ambiance charged with authenticity and a menu curated with passion. From street tacos to off-menu delights like the Aguachile Queso, there’s something for everyone. Truly, if they’ve got the ingredients on hand, the team is up for the challenge. Take, for example, the Mezcal Old Fashioned, a bespoke drink that showcases the establishment’s versatility.

Behind this culinary gem stand the managers, Jaciel and Cintia Rodriguez. Having previously served at Agave Blue’s Prairieville location, the couple decided to move to Zachary after the Americana location had been up and running for about a year. Their journey from Mexico to Louisiana, spanning a decade and a half, was a homecoming of sorts, motivated by familial ties – Jaciel’s father had already made Louisiana his home.

When asked about his favorite concoctions from the bar, Jaciel points to the Watermelon Basil Margarita with pride, but is quick to admit a fondness for all the handcrafted margaritas shaken up behind the bar. “Tequila Bar” is not just part of the name, it’s key to the whole experience. They use only top shelf Jose Cuervo as their standard tequila, and it’s a difference that you can immediately taste.  And their new Diamante Margarita? It’s the best dang Margarita this Texan has ever had. It’s here for a limited time though, so don’t sleep on it!

Now, a confession: I might just be Agave Blue’s most frequent customer. The lure of proximity and the promise of delicious food is just too strong for me to ignore. I’m there at least once a week. I’ll give you a few of my insider tips and favorite orders.

  • Try the Torta. You won’t be sorry. Personally, I like the Fajita Steak, and they also have a Pastor on the menu, but really, you can get this with any meat option.  This sandwich is big enough to share. Or not. I won’t judge.
  • Order the Carnitas with an extra bowl of black bean soup. That will give you *two* bowls of black bean soup. This is important, because this is another sharable option. Take some of the carnitas and onions and put them in the soup. Eat the rest with the included tortillas. Rejoice.
  • Quesa-Birria. If you haven’t jumped on the Birria taco train yet, now’s the time. These are not to be missed. You don’t have to share these. Just dig in. 

Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates stories, flavors, and traditions. Agave Blue, under the watchful eyes of the Rodriguez duo, is not just a restaurant; it’s a heartfelt nod to Mexican roots, blending tradition with innovation, much like the community it serves in Zachary. Cheers to that!


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