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Adonica Duggan

Adonica Duggan is one of the Zachary residents featured in our Black History Makers feature in the winter 2023 issue.

Founder: The Baton Rouge Alliance for Students

Adonica Duggan was the fourth person hired when the Zachary Community School District began. For 10 years, she served as the Director of Communications and saw firsthand how an exceptionally well-run school district operates. 

A graduate of Baton Rouge’s McKinley High School and LSU, she knew the impact of an excellent public school education. This knowledge convinced Duggan to do something to help those having trouble accessing schools that meet their needs. 

Thus, The Baton Rouge Alliance for Students was born. It aims to “educate families about how to find a school that fits their child’s needs; to train new leaders to push for student-centered change; and to speak up for underserved communities.” 

So often, she says, policy makers seem to forget the primary stakeholders in education: the parents and children themselves. With her Red Stick Schools publication, Duggan has given some power back to the people.

The Alliance also has a political action arm that advocates for specific policies and helps to incubate strong candidates who, if elected, can reach those goals. “Budgets are a statement of priorities,” Duggan says. Advocating for spending that improves student outcomes means that every family in Baton Rouge is ultimately helped by the Alliance, even if they don’t directly use the resources. 

Education is the foundation for success, happiness, and even has impacts on future health. Adonica Duggan is making sure that everyone in Baton Rouge has access to a quality one.

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