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AAPI Stories: Leena Doiron

Leena Doiron grew up in Mangalore, India, a coastal community near the Arabian Sea. She met her husband, Louisiana native Kevin Doiron, while serving as a civilian contractor in Bahrain. Soon, they married and settled in Louisiana.

When their daughters, Michaela and Nyla, began school, Leena worked in various positions within Zachary Community schools to understand what made the local district tick and be a supportive presence for the girls. Leena believed that encouraging her daughters to perform selfless acts of kindness early in their lives would result in the charitable habits as they grew up. She was right. 

Both star softball players, the Doiron sisters have hosted private softball lessons to help raise funds for Zachary special education classrooms. They also jumped in to deliver food to flood victims following the 2016 flood and even raised money for a complete stranger to buy a much needed washer and dryer. 

Now, Leena hopes that her message of selfless giving expands beyond her family. She would love to see more opportunities for elementary aged students to give back to the Zachary community so that the culture of giving might become just as natural to all students as it is for her girls. 

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