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A City in Transformation

By Jen Gennaro, Editor

Transformation is taking place in Zachary as both large-scale amenities and small beautification efforts are under way to enhance the community’s appeal. On one hand, significant developments are reshaping the landscape, such as the construction of a Benny’s Car Wash on 12 acres of Church Street frontage; others are simply giving existing buildings like the Old Scenic Highway office complex a new look and purpose. These large amenities promise opportunities and convenience.

Beautification and safety initiatives led by the City of Zachary add charm and character, contributing to a welcoming ambiance and creating a sense of pride among Zachary’s residents. Together, these efforts are turning Zachary into a vibrant and thriving community that seamlessly blends functional infrastructure with aesthetic appeal.

Hug Your People Park

The central gathering place for city events has received lots of love lately: The magnificent live oak trees downtown are now lighted year-round with more than 150 strands per tree.

An air-conditioned and ADA compliant public restroom has just been completed at the Hug Your People Park. The pigeonnier-style building has baby changing stations in both restrooms.

And a crosswalk has been painted to help parkgoers cross the street safely.


Little Farms Park

The walking loop at BREC’s Little Farms Park is in place and next will come playground equipment with wood mulch safety surfacing, improved limestone parking, and new drinking fountains and benches.

Pedestrian Safety

Thanks to a grant by MOVEBR, a crosswalk – with flashing lights and buttons, just like the big city! – will be installed on Mount Pleasant Road. It will safely connect Zachary Youth Park to the sidewalk across the street, outside of Fellowship Zachary and South Plains Food Co.

BREC’s Church Street Park

The BREC Church Street Park glow-up includes a new playground, sidewalk connectors, expanded rec center with new basketball goals and heating & A/C.

Main Street Landscaping

Thanks to funds donated by the Home Depot Foundation and Keep Louisiana Beautiful, the corner of Hwy. 19 and Main Street now features updated landscaping. There will be a mirror image of the installation on the Walgreens side.

Paint the Town

The Mayor’s Office tapped Courtney Yoes, Zachary Community Schools Talented Art Program Teacher, to oversee the “Poles Apart” Downtown Art Project Campaign. With the help of students, light poles downtown will feature colorful murals. Another mural is in the works between City Hall and Z Market.

Big Signs

The City is redoing its Welcome to Zachary signs. The new ones will be comparable to the size of Zachary Parkside’s: about 8 feet tall and 25 feet wide! Many will be relocated to further boundaries of city limits.

Learn more about the developers and businesses focused on bringing new amenities and projects to the Zachary Community, creating a Renaizance if you will, by clicking here.

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