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3 Tips to Make Trip Planning Easier

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Families are ready to travel again and this summer you have plenty of options to give your crew some fun in the sun and memories they’ll be talking about for years to come. Here are a few tips to keep the memories good and the stress of planning to a minimum. 

1. Stick to Family-Friendly Destinations

When you’re dealing with a range of ages from preschoolers to teenagers, choose from tried-and-true family-friendly destinations. There are several big cities within a day’s drive of Zachary and there’s a reason they’re so popular, because they have a wonderful range of things to see and do for all ages. Look for cities with children’s museums, amusement parks, and national parks with hiking trails and water activities. 

Cities to consider: Nashville, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, San Antonio, Little Rock, and Branson.

2. Choose a Kid-Friendly Hotel

You may think the hotel is just a place where you’re going to sleep, but it’s just as important as the activities you choose. When choosing a hotel, look for these features: 

• Swimming pools to burn energy before bedtime. 

• A location close to attractions your family will enjoy. 

• A nearby grocery store – you never know when you may need something you forgot at home. 

• A room with a view – it will give your kids something to look at when Mom and Dad are trying to take a nap. After all, it’s your vacation, too, right? 

3. Make a List 

Writing out what you’re going to pack, what you’re going to do each day and when you’re going to do it before you go will ensure a smoother trip and that less things will go wrong. 

Don’t pack too many clothes – instead, go with a few mix-and-match outfits for each person if you can, and plan on doing laundry at least once while you’re gone. 

If you have younger children, plan out one or two activities a day so everyone can enjoy the trip, and no one is exhausted (or exasperated) by the end of it. 

Buy what you need when you get there. Waiting to get things like snacks, diapers, or other hygiene items until you arrive (and getting only what you need) will cut down on what you bring in the car with you and what you bring back.

Need help planning your next trip? Give us a call or send us an email. When you use a full-service travel agency like ours, you know you’re working with travel professionals who….

–Plan travel every day, so we have the experience and knowledge

–Have long-time relationships with a variety of travel suppliers which sometimes means savings you can’t find online

–Get to know you and your family’s travel needs – and if there’s a problem with your trip, you have an actual person to call who knows you and will work to help solve it. 

Sara Horn is a travel specialist for Zachary Travel which has helped families in Zachary, Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas plan vacations and travel for almost 40 years. Contact us at 225.654.9210 or visit us at zacharytravel.com. 

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